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Equine Express offers a safe and reliable horse transport service. Jo, the driver and a rider herself offers a patient and friendly service using Monty Roberts techniques. She also has access to fully trained Monty Roberts handlers for the most complex problem loaders/travellers.

"I am fully aware that some horses can be very difficult to load and, if required, I can help using a natural horsemanship approach. My mare used to be a very nervous traveller, but with a patient, stress free approach, she now loads first time, every time."

Every horse is different but they often have similar issues when it comes to loading and travelling. Jo finds that she often comes across horses that load and then immediately back out in a mad panic when they think they are about to be closed in. Or the ones that stand as close to the ramp as possible and plant themselves, refusing to move another inch forward! Or the ones that panic once on board, or hate travelling alone. All of these issues can be overcome, but it generally takes time and practice.

Jo is certified up to the current legislation, by holding a WATO (welfare of animals in transport) certificate and is DEFRA authorised to transport horses.
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Equine ExpressThe Oaks, Vicarage Road, Burwash Common, East Sussex TN197LHTel: 07714 206163